Livestream Studio HD550

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Manufacturers Part Number LS-HD550

Livestream Studio HD550

HD Edition

With its uniquely portable body, the Studio HD550 makes it easy to set up wherever your event may be. Travel to your destination with your Studio HD550 in its custom bag, and arrive ready for a full multi-camera production.

Where design and function intersect

Distinctive design with an attached carrying handle ensures easy transport from production to production.

Key Features

  • 5x SDI/HDMI inputs
  • 1x SDI/HDMI output
  • The only switcher with built-in bonded transmission
  • 1x Extended screen output using HDMI
  • 20 hours of broadcast quality recording (ISO)
  • Analog audio in
  • 2x balanced XLR inputs
  • Built-in chroma-key
  • 3x graphics tracks
  • Runs Windows 8
  • Built-in live streaming

Newtek NDI Protocol Support

Studio is more open than ever and now includes support for NDI compatible third-party products, giving you the ability to receive HD camera and video feeds, receive alpha channel graphics feeds, or send a program output from Studio to third party software.

Advanced Facebook Live integration

This update allows more flexibility when streaming to Facebook Live. You can now tag a geographic location (check in) or tag friends to live video posts on Facebook. You can also stream to ‘scheduled livestreams’ on Facebook pages and take advantage of advanced audience targeting.

Stream Live to Multiple Destinations

This update gives producers the opportunity to send a single stream from their encoder to multiple destinations at once. A single stream to the Livestream platform can be delivered to YouTube Live, Periscope, and Twitch simultaneously. Producers can also stream from Studio to Livestream and Facebook Live simultaneously. For a more optimized setup you can also leverage the new simulcasting feature of the Livestream Cloud Platform (Premium and Enterprise plan), which sends a single stream to multiple platforms without clogging your venue’s internet connection.

Graphics Support in Web Control

Web Control gives you the ability to remotely control Livestream Studio software using a WebRTC compatible browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox). Web Control now includes the ability to fully control your Graphics module, including adding and editing data. Delegate graphics tasks to other team members while you focus on cutting the show on the main Studio interface.

Our latest update, Studio 4.6, adds more functionality to this tool. Producers can add Studio Graphics (.lsgfx) files via Dropbox. This features gives users the ability to insert and modify .lsgfx data, as well as full control over your graphic overlays’ settings.

A Dropbox account is required to use this feature.

Interview anyone, anywhere with Live Interview

Using WebRTC, Live Interview allows you to invite anyone to join your live broadcast with low latency via webcam. All a guest needs is a link from you and a Chrome web browser. Moderators can switch between guests, delivering a revolutionary experience from Livestream Studio.

Mevo Remote Camera

Bring Mevo as a remote camera over Wifi or Ethernet. Edit virtual multi-camera using the Mevo mobile app and see the result in your Studio multi-view.

Bonded Streaming

Bonded streaming brings you a more stable streaming experience by making it possible to spread your live stream over multiple internet connections, including Ethernet, Wifi, 3G/4G LTE modems, or any other connection you can configure in Windows. You can also set a backup internet connection that will be used only if your primary internet connection fails or becomes too slow, avoiding expensive data charges.

Built-in RTMP Server

Connect any RTMP-compatible encoder as an input to Studio.

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For more information or advice, please visit us at
Product Link:
Manufacturers Part Number:

Livestream Studio Warranty

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