Ultimatte 12

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Manufacturers Part Number ULTMKEY12

Ultimatte 12

It would be conventional wisdom to conclude that green-screen technology is a mature science.  What other conclusion is there? considering the Ultimatte 11, introduced 10 years ago in 2006, still represents the pinnacle of quality matting devices.  The Ultimatte 11 stands alone in the industry for its longevity. 

This is what makes the Ultimatte 12 so remarkable.  The improvements are clearly visible, even to the untrained eye. 

Spill suppression artifacts, edge artifacts, uneven lighting, floor glare, suppression noise, color integrity, clean-up loss, were insurmountable problems with solutions considered to have hit a wall in real-time keying.  The Ultimatte 12 tears down those walls and proves green-screen technology was not a mature science after all.

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