HE42 Full-HD Professional PTZ Camera with 3G-SDI and HDMI - White

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Manufacturers Part Number AW-HE42WEJ

HE42 Full-HD Professional PTZ Camera with 3G-SDI and HDMI - White

The AW-HE42W/K is a full HD camera with an integrated rotating base equipped with 3G-SDI and a variety of other output connectors. The four types of output interfaces and the genlock function support smooth large-scale shooting with multiple cameras. The camera is perfect for a wide range of environments, from recording and broadcast of lectures, to live streaming at concerts and other events.

The Four Drive Lens System: Zoom with Incredible Image Quality

The camera is equipped with the Four Drive Lens System, where three zoom lenses and one focus lens are driven independently but simultaneously. Driving each of the four lenses individually enables reduction in lens size and drive range to achieve a reduced-size body with zoom of high image quality and magnification. Despite its compact size, the camera boasts optical 20x zoom and high performance, ultra-high-resolution 30x zoom.

External Sync Signal Input Connector Plus Four Types of Output

Full HD video output is enabled with HDMI, SDI, USB and LAN. The camera is also equipped with an external sync signal*1 input connector as well as BBS (Black Burst Sync) and tri-level sync. The camera enables flexible system construction ready to handle any purpose or environment.

High Performance Optical 20x Zoom Lens/Super Resolution 30x Zoom

In addition to optical 20x zoom, ultra-high-resolution technology has enabled zoom of up to 30x while maintaining high resolution. The camera can also be set with 12x digital zoom, or 1.4, 2.0, 4.0, 6.0 or 8.0 digital extender zoom. Equipped with a 1/2.3-type MOS sensor and DSP (Digital Signal Processor) for high sensitivity and high resolution.

Optical / Four-Axis Hybrid Image Stabilizer (OIS) for Shooting Stability

Image shake is reduced with both optical and digital 4-axis automatic stabilization that detects mounting surface vibration caused by audio equipment and opening/closing doors.

Night Mode (supports automatic switching)

Switching to Night Mode makes shooting possible even in low light conditions in which shooting is normally difficult, such as when observing wildlife*6. The AW-HE42W/K can also be set to switch to the mode automatically depending on surrounding light levels.

Equipped with High Dynamic Range (HDR) Mode

In addition to conventional Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) and Digital Noise Reduction (DNR), the AW-HE42W/K is equipped with High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode. When shooting and synthesizing two images with differing exposure times, the AW-HE42W/K can create video with high visibility that corrects for halation and black defects even under backlit conditions.

Outputs Still Image During Preset Movements; Supports One-Camera Operations

The Freeze During Preset function enables to freeze the video during preset playback. The immediately preceding still image is output during preset movements so that the swiveling movement is not displayed, making operations possible with one camera.

NDI | HX Compatibility for Excellent Video Streaming Quality

The AW-HE42W/K can be upgraded to an NDI | HX compatible model if purchasing a license from the 4K/HD Integrated Camera NewTek NDI HX Support Information. Highly efficient NDI | HX compatibility enables excellent broadcast streaming by encoding and transmitting high-quality video in real time. This technology eliminates the need for IP decoders, allowing input to be sent directly to the switcher.

Other Functions

  • Equipped with a night mode for shooting with low light levels.
  • Equipped with an optical ND filter.
  • USB Video Class 1.0, USB Audio Class 1.0 supported.
  • PoE+ enabled for charging via a LAN cable.
  • Up to 100 AW-HE42W/K units can be controlled from a single Remote Camera Controller via IP connection.
  • Control of up to five Remote Camera Controllers is enabled for a single AW-HE42W/K.
  • Equipped with a RS422 remote terminal, serial control of up to five AW-HE42W/K units is enabled from the controller.
  • Preset memory holds up to 100 positions.
  • Freeze, color temperature settings, digital extender and other functions can be set to user assignable buttons of the Panasonic controller.
  • Equipped with the RS232C remote terminal (standard serials communication). Daisy chain connection enables control of up to seven AW-HE42W/K units.
  • Up to four AW-HE42W/K units can be controlled via wireless remote control (AW-RM50G, sold separately).
  • Equipped with a turn lock mechanism for easy installation.

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