RØDE NT1 Kit (w/ SM6 Mount) - 1" condenser microphone

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More Info with only 4.5dBA of self noise - SM6 mount.
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Manufacturers Part Number NT1KIT

NT1 Kit (w/ SM6 Mount) - 1" condenser microphone - (with only 4.5dBA of self noise - SM6 mount.)

The world's favourite studio microphone just got a whole lot better. This package includes Røde's NT1 microphone with the SMR shock-mount and pop-shield.

The HF6 capsule is the perfect example of RØDE’s state-of-the-art fusion of artistic design approaches and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, with a sound signature reminiscent of the famous microphones of old, while at the same time exhibiting extremely low noise.

Featuring high-grade components, the circuitry of the NT1 is assembled and tested using exceptionally high-precision machinery operated by the experienced engineers in RØDE’s Australian factory. This meticulous manufacturing process has resulted in our quietest microphone ever - With only 4.5dBA of self-noise the NT1 is the quietest studio condenser microphone in the world!

The aluminium body of the NT1 is first nickel plated for corrosion resistance, before being coated in an extremely durable ceramic firearm coating using advanced electrostatic application techniques to ensure completely even coverage. The coating is then baked onto the surface, before having the graphic components laser etched, resulting in an extremely hard wearing finish that is resistant to scratches or marks.

The unique dual-Lyre suspension system of the SMR was developed by RØDE’s engineers to improve the overall effectiveness of the shock mount. The smaller inner Lyre acts as a tension element, to maintain each Lyre in its neutral position where it is most efficient at cancelling vibration.

The NT1 is designed and made in Australia, and is covered by RØDE's industry-leading 10 year warranty.

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with only 4.5dBA of self noise - SM6 mount.
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